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Metal card clothing roll wrapping
Date: 2013-11-20

Preparatory work before roll wrapping
Part One Technical requirement of roller
1.Keep roller surface smooth and even; strictly prohibit rust, hollow, greasy dirt and other blots;
2.Check dynamic balance of cylinder and doffer; amplitude:≤0.05mm;
3. Roundness and glancing flatness of cylinder and doffer ≤0.02mm;
4. Bevel grinding of roller; bevel grinding width: 150-180mm;
5. Edgings should not be loose;

Part Two Technical requirement of roll wrapping tools
1.Grinding the exit and entrance of tension plywood to be small round open to prevent the cutting on card clothing; please replace or repair tension plywood if there was any damage;
2. Straightening rotor must be flexible; no large gap between rotor and spindle;
3.Appropriate front tension pulley;
4.Side pressure knife must be vertical to roller surface;
5.Rotor of winding frame must be flexible; no large gap;

Part Three Roll wrapping of metal card clothing
1.The starting end of card clothing should be filed to 300mm bevel;
2.Make sure the arc length of roll wrapping. Cylinder: 50-100mm; doffer: 0-40mm;
3.Roll wrapping tension should be corresponding to root thickness of card clothing;
4.Roll wrapping speed: Cylinder: 8-18r/min; doffer: 13-24 r/min;
5.Lubrication oil should be added to plywood, plywood and transmission position in roll wrapping process;
6.Timely adjustment of heavy punch height;
7.Joint of card clothing should be even and solid in welding; 

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